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Bunnies for Haiti!

I don’t do this a lot, I tend to hang on to my original drawings…but I’m eBaying one of the pages from the first Bunny Suicides book for Haiti. Here it is to the left: you can click to enlarge it.
Here’s the link:

Proceeds are going striaght to the DEC disaster fund; eBay are very good for making charity auctions fairly straightforward to do.

I’ve never ever sold bunny originals before so this would be pretty much a unique thing to own. It’s about A4 in size, drawn on acid free paper, and I’ll post it anywhere in the world for free. I’ll draw a special certificate of authenticity too…
Please help out if you can

The God Of All Chickens

Asteroid Awareness Training Day


One of my favourite ways to doodle – throw down a few large random streaks of watercolour paint, then with a black pen turn them into something. In this case, a bird – with exhaust pipes and a dorsal fin. You know, that sort of bird.

Antique Price Guide




A doodle I did two days ago while waiting in frozen school playground to pick up my five year old son. Can you be arrested for sketching a knife in a playground?

Fag break