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Roasted – artwork competition results

Okay, I’ve got round to doing the random draw now. Dozens of you entered and I was a bit moved by all your messages telling me how much you enjoyed the strip. I’m glad I brought you a bit of pleasure. People liking it… that’s all an artist wants in the end.

So from all the entrants the winners are:
Julian B.
Westley S.
Paul W.

I’m emailing them to find out where they live (not in a creepy way, you understand, it’s just that it helps when you’re posting a letter).
Everyone else; thanks for entering, you’re my best mates, you are.



Many thanks to all of you who emailed yesterday about Roasted – reading how you liked it was the best possible end to the strip’s run.

I’ll choose the names randomly on about Wednesday, and then I’ll email those people if I don’t have their addresses to post.
Thanks again

Badge completist!

I always have to emphasise that the bunnies aren’t drawn with children in mind, but sometimes they find their way into children’s hands all the same… and here’s Ross, who bumped into my brother Jonathan in central London today, sporting what must be the full set of Bunny badges. Hello Ross!

Argh! Roasted ends in Observer today

Well, today is the last day of Roasted in the Observer Magazine. I could have drawn it forever; but seven and a half years is a pretty good run for a comic strip, so I’ll be always be grateful for that. I’ve absolutely loved doing it. Thanks for reading.

It’s not just Roasted – a lot of stuff is changing at the Observer, some of it because they like to shake things up every now and then, and some of it because they’re making big cutbacks for pretty serious financial reasons. I’d hoped the strip might make it through all that. Ah, well!

If you’d be interested in offering Roasted a new home please get in touch at . If Roasted ends here, then a small time window in my week opens up. I’ve really got enough on, what with the scriptwriting and the books, but what the hell; I’d also love to get a new strip going (talk to me about that too, if you have a place it could go). Then there’s starting a webcomic, like I’ve wanted to do for a few years… I’ve always got projects queued up in my head which just can’t be crammed into the puny 24 hours each day doles out to us.

I’d like to give something to those of you who have followed the strip over the years, so what I’ll do is, I’ll give some artwork away. If you want an original Roasted strip tell me at the email above, and I’ll put the names in a hat and pull out three to post a strip to. Tell me if you have a favourite. I haven’t a precise idea of which ones I still have, though; so if I can’t find the one you want, I’ll send you a good one from the ones I can.

Thanks again. See you soon. Cause there’s loads more cartoon books on the way, believe me.


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