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My RSI Catastophe (and How I Clawed My Way Back)


Here’s how repetitive strain injury landed on me like the end-Cretaceous asteroid, wrecked my life and career, and how I managed to come back from it. I’m not using the real names of the professionals I encountered, because I need to be frank about how often I was let down. Some of these people meant the best for me. Some were twats. But it’s not just about the individuals – as you’ll see, I reckon there’s a huge flaw in the entire system of treatment. If you have RSI, if you know someone who does, or if you’re at risk of […]

How To Talk Comedy Writer – Updated

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Comedy writers often come up with little pieces of terminology, most of which never get circulated beyond a small group of people. So I’m gathering as many as I can in one glossary so we can all share them. The newest entries are at the top – the most recent update is 12th July 2017. If you’re a comedy writer and you’ve got a good one, please email me on or tweet me on @andyrileyish…I want this list to keep growing. More Mouths To Feed – via Andy Riley & Kevin Cecil. This is when you have a large number […]

Some answers to the FAQs

There are some things which I’m asked quite often, as a cartoonist and a scriptwriter. Here I’ve tried to answer these questions at some length. We’ll start with the scriptwriting ones; scroll down for the cartoon stuff. Please note: for the most part I’m talking about working in the UK. I’ve got some experience in other countries, mostly the US, but I’ve always been based in Britain.   How can I break into comedy scriptwriting? My own first steps were in 1991, and the broadcasting landscape has utterly changed since then. All the same, there are some things Kevin Cecil […]

How To Talk Comedy Writer – Updated!


A couple of years ago, I put together a list of weird little bits of terminology that comedy writers use. Only a few of these can be found in books about writing – most are terms that have grown out of writers’ rooms, email exchanges, and talking shop in the pub. Some are in wide use: others used by literally only a couple of people. I’ve just been told a lot more of them so the list has grown, a lot. Please enjoy. Langdon – a joke construction named after the writer John Langdon, who loves to write them. The […]

Mentoring for a BAME comedy writer is happening again

***UPDATE TO THE BELOW – 31ST OCTOBER 2016 – Midnight tonight is the deadline for samples. I’ve read a lot of the scripts already, but there’s still lots more to go, so I reckon it will be about another week before I make my final selection. When I do, I will inform everybody who has submitted. Thank you!*** ***UPDATE TO THE BELOW – 23RD OCTOBER 2016 – about a week left to go to submit a sample; then I’ll draw the shutters down at the end of this month, read everything, and make my decision about a week later.*** I […]