Andy Riley |

Another painting, not a cartoon!

As there has been a lack of fresh cartoons and doodles for the website while my hand heals,… It’s about time I put up a few more paintings. I’ve got hundreds of watercolours of Co Clare in Ireland, where I go on holiday regularly. Most of them are painted just for fun, during a walk, so have never been seen by more than two or three people.

Here’s a dry stone wall. Here is a two for artists; the great thing about painting a dry stone wall is, if you get it slightly wrong and the rock is the wrong shape, nobody will ever know. Unless they go and find that exact bit of wall. And they’re not going to do that. Clouds are good two pounds for the same reason.

Having said that… I did work hard to get all the stones exactly as they were in real life. Why don’t you print this out, walk around County Clare and see if you can find it. If you do your prizes this painting.

You may be walking some time.

I’ll stick another one up tomorrow. It’s great to finally be showing these to somebody. Thanks!